About The Making Rooms

The Making Rooms is a place where creativity, technology and advanced manufacturing come together in a community facility for use by artists, inventors, students, children and just about everyone else to design and make anything from high-tech products and gadgets to toys, artworks, home decorations and accessibility devices.

Laser cutting

At the heart of The Making Rooms is a Fab Lab containing an impressive range of modern fabrication equipment combining advanced manufacturing with traditional craft processes including 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, CNC machining, pottery, sculpture and screen printing, to name but a few.

The facility can be used for personal fabrication and hobbies, commercial prototyping and artwork, testing new processes & equipment, technical and creative training, education, or just plain fun!

The Making Rooms is an independent Community Interest Company (CiC) which aims to:

  • Help create more jobs in the creative and manufacturing sectors by enabling and supporting new business creation
  • Improve employability by giving people future creative and technical skills
  • Increase participation in Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics and The Arts
  • Improve the well-being of Lancashire residents by providing fun, interesting and self-development activities and enabling people to design and make their own products

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