Our Team

Tom Macpherson-Pope



Tom comes from an educational electronics background and was part of the team that created CodeBug, a popular child friendly electronic development board. He was our Lab Manager until 2021 when he was appointed as our Director.



Jefferson Sanchez

Product Designer

Jefferson comes from a Mechatronics and Robotics background, with a comprehensive understanding of a varied range of manufacturing techniques. He nurtures a passion for sharing knowledge within his lab workshops, always striving to further the overall capabilities of his team. Alongside enjoying problem-solving, and thinking outside the box, Jefferson also runs a YouTube Channel focussed on educating people on the usage of 3D modeling software like Solidworks and Fusion360.




Georgia Kett


Georgia has been volunteering at The Making Rooms since August 2018 and is likely to be one of the first people to say a big hello to you as you come in the door. She has a keen interest in computers and ICT and is always looking to try new processes on our machinery. You can see some of her 3D printing, laser cutting, and pottery projects in her portfolio by clicking the teal globe icon below.



Imran Liliwala


Imran is a natural educator and uses his time and experience at The Making Rooms to teach remotely, via Facebook Live and Twitter, all over the world. If you’ve got an electronics question or you want to fix a broken gadget, Imran is your man!



Uzair Patel


Uzair designs his own creations that whizz, beep, tell time, light up, and make us all go “Oooooh!” You will find him at the electronics workbench, with one hand on the precision milling machine and one hand on a soldering iron. Laser cutting and 3D design software are also strengths of his, and by using multiple machines he is able to create impressive working prototypes.



Former team Members

Eddie Kirkby



Eddie came to us from The Manufacturing Institute where he led the team that set up the UK’s first Fab Lab and helped set up around 15 new Fab Labs around the UK. The Making Rooms was the newest venture and benefits from his wealth of experience. Eddie particularly enjoys 3D modelling and complex problem solving.

Julia Jacob


Julia has an art and design background and grew to love delivering workshops and training people here at The Making Rooms. She was previously a volunteer at Fab Lab Manchester.