Resin 3D Printer

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The ‘Form 2’ 3D printer prints complex 3D objects from a range of resins, building up the part layer by layer by using a laser to harden the layer of resin in the areas of the model where material exists. Using this method the object seems to be almost magically pulled up from the shallow bath of resin as it prints. Fleet of 3D printers Print parts up to 145 x 145 x 175mm (LxWxH) with a layer thickness of 25-100 microns (0.25-0.1mm).

This machine will only be operated by Making Rooms staff, but don’t let that put you off designing something for it! It has the finest finish of all our 3D printers.


Standard resin – Black/White/Grey/Clear Tough resin Castable resin Flexible resin Dental resin See to see the full range and capabilities.

Input Files

All 3D printers accept the industry standard .stl files. These are 3D files which can be output from most 3D design or CAD software such as Sketchup, Solidworks, Rhino3D, AutoCAD, Blender and many more. Fleet of 3D printers

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