Roland CNC Mill

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The Roland SRM-20 is a 3D desktop milling machine capable of milling 3D moulds and parts up to 203 x 152 x 70mm at an incredible resolution of 0.1 microns (0.0001mm). The machine uses milling tools as small as 0.4mm diameter and so whilst it is limited to the size and depth of parts it can machine, it can produce very fine detail.

Fleet of 3D printers

For this reason the SRM-20 is also used at The Making Rooms to fabricate surface mount circuit boards for fine electronics applications.


The SRM-20 is capable of milling a wide variety of materials including soft metals such as brass. The most common materials used in The Making Rooms are FR1 copper substrate for circuit boards and machineable wax for small 3D moulds

Input Files

For milling 3D parts or moulds the SRM-20 software, Modela Player 4 imports .stl files, as used by 3D printers which can be output from most 3D design or CAD software such as Sketchup, Solidworks, Rhino3D, AutoCAD, Blender and many more.

For milling circuit boards the SRM-20 uses .rml files which can be generated from image files (.png) using the Fab Modules

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