Shopbot CNC

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The Shopbot is a large bed CNC Router capable of milling materials in 2D or 3D using a variety of shapes and sizes of milling bits. This machine is mostly used to cut sheet materials up to 2,440mm x 1,220mm including plywood, MDF, high density foam, plastics and also metals. It can be used to make a variety of larger things from furniture to large 3D moulds.

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Bed Size

The Shopbot has a bed size of 2,400mm x 1,220mm and can cut up to a depth of around 150mm, depending on geometry.


The Shopbot can mill just about anything but the most common materials used are plywood, MDF and high-density foam

Input Files

For 2D cutting of furniture, etc most 2D drawing files can be used, including PDFs but it is easier to use vector drawing files if possible.

For 3D cutting, .stl files are required – the same as the standard files for 3D printing.

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