Vinyl Cutter

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Our vinyl cutter is a Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Desktop Cutter which is Perfect for cutting sign making vinyl, flexible copper for circuit boards, paint mask, reflective vinyl, window film, flock, heat transfer films, sandblast material and more.

Vinyl Cutter It is very fast and accurate cutting (±0.1mm) at speeds of up to 500mm/sec and can accept sheet or rolls of material from 50mm to 700mm wide with a maximum cutting width of 584mm.

It can cut through tough materials and has an overlap cutting feature (up to 10 times), for cutting thicker media like magnetic materials.

It also provides a perforated cutting function which makes it easy to create labels and decals.


A wide range of thin sheet materials but mainly sign vinyl, copper vinyl and masking materials.

Input Files

The vinyl cutter comes with its own basic 2D design program called Cut Studio but if you want to design using other software Cut Studio can also open Adobe Illustrator files (.ai and .eps); Inkscape files (saved as .hpgl) and image files (such as .jpg .bmp).

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