3D Print Your Own Fidget Spinner

3D printing always in the news -“the next big thing”!  You know what else is impossible to get away from!?

IMG_6447 (800x600)

Fidget spinners!

Put them both together and you’ve got one of the best workshops we’ve thought up to date (if we do say so ourselves ????).

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We will guide you through the easy peasy process of designing and printing your new fidget spinner from scratch at The Making Rooms.

Screen Shot - Cura Layers (800x424)

The software that we will teach you to use is free to download at home so after joining this workshop there is no end to the things you can design and print.

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Following this session you will go away with:

  • Your own 3D printed fidget spinner, complete with bearings
  • A basic knowledge of how to use a 3D printer
  • A basic knowledge of how to design and model in 3D
  • Registration to The Making Rooms user list; enabling access on our FREE open days

The session will begin at 10:00, please arrive on time ( or earlier ????), registering on Eventbrite will allow you to attend this workshop.

Please note: Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult at The Making Rooms.

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