Bluedot Festival

The Making Rooms will be bringing our machines, workshops and dancing shoes to Manchester’s intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and space exploration!

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With Jodrell Bank Observatory’s Lovell Telescope looming large over the festivities our workshops are centred around intergalactic communication. You can pop by and play with lasers – laser cutting your name onto replicas of the Voyager Golden Records for you to keep, or sit down with us for a workshop to make your very own ‘wearable electronics’ Lovell Telescope tote bag!

TOTEally awesome wearable electronics

Learn the basics of electronics and sewing at the same time, by making your very own wearable-electronics “Jodrell Bank Lovell Telescope” themed tote bag.

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Don’t worry if you’ve never tried either of these useful skills before, it’s super easy and we’ll show you how 😀 . These stylish bags have the circuit template already printed on them in the shape of the Lovell Telescope, so you can’t go wrong!

In this workshop you will connect together a battery, a switch and an LED light with conductive thread to make your first wearable electronics circuit.

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The fun tote bag is yours to keep, show it off during the festival and teach everyone how easy and enjoyable electronics and sewing can be!

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Once you have finished your stylish new bag, you can use it to send secret messages to your friends across the festival using the Morse Code printed on the back of the bag. What encoded transmissions will you send?

(Suitable for ages 12+ .  £TBC)

Laser cutting and messages in space with The Making Rooms

Pop by The Making Rooms stand to laser-cut your very own, personalised Voyager Golden Record replica. Our laser cutter will engrave your name into an acrylic disc in just a matter of seconds!


The Golden Records were phonograph discs sent into space in 1977 with the hope of communicating with undiscovered lifeforms. Etched on the records were details on how to play them; the very same etchings that will be on your replica record.

Our team will teach you about exciting new technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting. We will also be displaying some of our fun projects and show you how to create your own.

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We hope you can make it to Bluedot festival this year, for tickets and more general festival information including camping, whats on and the musical line up see the Bluedot website.