Create Your Own “Operation-style” Game Using CodeBug!


Have you ever played Operation – where you have to carefully remove pieces? Well now you can make your very own using CodeBug, the FUN way to learn coding and electronics.

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What better way to spend your weekend than playing with electricity in this fun workshop?

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CodeBug is your friendly electronic bug 🙂 everything with CodeBug is drag-and-drop and clip on, so you can get started in minutes. You will write build up your code using CodeBug’s Blockly programming blocks, snapping them together like a puzzle.


No prior coding or electronics experience is necessary, as we will turn you into master coders in just a couple of hours!

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Suitable for ages 7+.

Following this workshop you will:

  • Understand the basics of coding
  • Understand the basics of electronics
  • Know how to use CodeBug and the CodeBug website
  • Your own operation-style game board (CodeBug and wires not included)

Please note: Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult at The Making Rooms.

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