Decorating Beautiful Blown Eggs for Easter

We are going classic this Easter and doing egg painting the old fashioned way :-D. It’s going to get a little bit messy! We will have a few different decorating stations with things like tissue paper, paints, glitter, ribbon etc.

IMG_20170329_101851 (800x600)

Eggs will be provided pre-blown (ouch our cheeks!) so that you guys can get down to the creative bit.

Is your egg going to be a precisely engineered piece of fractal art? A wild melee of paint daubs and glitter? A traditional and bold stripey design?

IMG_20170329_101924 (800x600)

Once you have painted your egg, you can have a look around our cool lab and maybe make something else? The eggs will take a day to dry, they will be ready for collection from Monday onwards.

The session will begin at 10am and end around 11am, please arrive on time ( or earlier 😀 ). Registering on Eventbrite will allow you to attend this workshop.

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