Make-A-Start: CNC Cut Your Own Sign

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Get to know our biggest and noisiest piece of Fab Lab machinery! You will be cutting out your own personalised sign design on our computer controlled router in this one day workshop.

We have upgraded our ‘CNC Router Your Own Sign’ workshop to our Make-A-Start suite of workshops where we talk you through some hints and tips for starting a business while we teach you how to make something fun.

You must have a certain level of

computer literacy to attend our CNC courses

If you’re unsure, call us for a quick chat on  


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Designing your own sinage is a fantastic thing to be able to do and the CNC router is one of our most powerful pieces of kit. This beginners workshop will introduce you to these machines’ capabilities and show you how to design for its use.

In this workshop we will focus on:

  • Product design (design software and ideas generation)
  • How to use a CNC router
  • What sells well
  • Where is best to sell

More and more people are enjoying life through starting their own creative businesses. It’s a great community – Join us!

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At the end of the workshop you will go home with your own sign. Give it as a gift, use yourself, or just keep as a beautiful piece of art!

Following this session you will go away with:

  • Your very own CNC cut sign
  • A basic understanding of how to use a CNC machine
  • A basic knowledge of designing for CNC machines
  • Key information we think is important for starting a new business
  • Registration to The Making Rooms user list, enabling FREE access to all our machinery on our open days

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The session will begin at 10:00, please arrive on time ( or earlier ! ) – booking on Eventbrite will allow you to attend this workshop.

Please note: This workshop is for 14 yrs +

Please note: If by the day before a workshop the number of attendees signed up to the workshop is significantly low, the workshop will be cancelled and attendees refunded

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