Make Your Own Pot on the Potter’s Wheel

If you’re like us you’ve been excitedly awaiting the arrival of the flowers this spring but have nowhere to put your fresh cut garden flowers! In this workshop you will create your very own clay pot (or open vase/bowl) which is yours to take home. We will dry them out and fire them here in the kiln and you’ll be able to collect your work in a couple of weeks.

Discover the traditional art of throwing clay on our potter’s wheel.


This is an introductory workshop and we will start from the very beginning. We have asked talented local artist, and friend of The Making Rooms, Alastair Nicholson to come in and run the workshop.


Following this session you will go away with:

  • Knowledge of how to prepare clay for throwing on the potter’s wheel
  • An understanding of the motions of throwing and finishing a pot
  • Your very own hand thrown pot
  • Registration to The Making Rooms user list enabling access on our FREE open days


The session will begin at 10:00 and end around 13:00, please arrive on time ( or earlier 😀 ). Registering on Eventbrite will allow you to attend this workshop.

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