Pixel Perfect @ the Festival of Making

It’s festival time! With a bit of a twist… The Festival of Making will take over Blackburn town centre for a weekend full of MAKING!

IMG_20170316_153110 (800x600)

Come down to The Making Rooms for a weekend of retro pixel art fun! Design your own necklaces, keyrings or posters from cool coloured blocks. There will be activities for all ages, from getting messy with simple craft, to coding and electronics with kid-friendly devices like CodeBug.


Today we are surrounded with tiny screens on devices like iPhones and smartwatches, but there is nothing more fun than immersing yourself in your favourite movie or game on a massive screen. So we thought we would have a go at supersizing oldschool pixel displays with a huge 2 meter tall colour light display.
Attendees and volunteers can help build the giant pixel screen over the two days of the festival, by laser cutting the structure and soldering the lights to the controller. As the festival draws to a close, we will program the display with the most imaginative pieces of pixel art designed by attendees over the weekend.

The display will be mounted on one The Making Rooms’ icon building’s windows. Passersby will be able to play classic games like Tetris through the window which will have been made into a touch screen controller.
IMG_20170316_153340 (800x600)

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