Pottery Glazing

Do you want to learn the secrets behind the alchemy of glazing?

Bright shiny tiles, deep textured mugs, mottled and speckled earthy dinnerware…

There are so many variables in the relationship between pottery/glazes/firing that it can be a daunting and expensive endeavour without guidance. We’re here for you!

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Whether you have never touched a glaze in your life or you are looking for professional guidance for you new lustre glaze you bought on a whim then this workshop, with guest workshop leader Elizabeth Emmens-Wilson, is the one for you.

If you have your own bisque fired pottery from previous workshops here at The Making Rooms (or elsewhere!) then absolutely do bring it along to play with. Otherwise you can practice on tiles and porcelain plaques that will be provided on the day.

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Pottery must be fired once (bisque/biscuit firing) before it is ready to glaze so if you are dropping in on a Friday or Saturday in the weeks coming up to the workshop to create your own hand built or wheel thrown pottery do remember that anything you make after Sat 11th will not be bisque fired in time for this workshop.

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Glazes will be provided e.g. under-glazes, Moorcroft, brush on glazes etc. but as before, if you have your own glazes or have a particular technique in mind do bring them in and you can try them out in a safe environment. Generally the fancier the glaze the more hazardous it is to health!

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Following this session you will go away with:

  • X2 tiles and a selection of porcelain plaques (to be collected at a later date, after kiln firing)
  • An ability to use brush on glazes
  • Skills for transferring existing designs onto bisque ware
  • Information on buying and where is best to purchase glazes
  • Knowledge of how to fire glazeware
  • An understanding of the health and safety requirements surrounding pottery glazing

All workshop attendees are asked to please bring any drawings, print-outs or designs that you may wish to transfer onto the tiles and plaques.

Bringing your own glazes and bisqueware is welcome.

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The session will begin at 10:00, please arrive on time ( or earlier ! ) – booking on Eventbrite will allow you to attend this workshop.

Please note: Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult at The Making Rooms.

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