Rapid Proto-Art

Artists, designers, engineers and just about anyone else join us for this day of experimentation, play and creativity as we take a single photograph and stretch it, hack it, overexpose it, posterise it, colour it, and whatever else we can do to it and then laser cut it, 3D print it, vinyl cut it, mould it or mill it using as many different rapid prototyping methods as we can manage just to see what will happen!

rapid proto-art

Our aim is to come up with as many diverse pieces or art as possible from one single photograph in an experiment to blend art with rapid prototyping.

Following this session you will go away with:

  • Experience of many of the rapid prototyping processes The Making Rooms Pop-up has to offer.
  • Experience of using photograph editing software
  • At least one piece of unique art
  • A free registration to The Making Rooms user list enabling access on open days free of charge
  • Some new friends
  • A smile on your face

The hackathon will begin at 10:00 and end at 16:00. You do not need to bring any materials or equipment with you – but you can if you like.

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