Laser Cut a Money Box / Jewellery Box

All day on Saturday we will be running 3 sessions helping people to use Inkscape 2D design software and the laser cutter to design and make a personalised money box or jewellery box (or for anything else you want to keep in a box!)

Money / Jewellery Box

Create these stylish pieces in your choice of clear or colour acrylic and give as gifts, use yourself or just keep as a piece of art. Personalise with an engraved name, logo or photo.

Following this session you will go away with:

  • Your personalised money/jewellery/stuff box
  • A basic knowledge of how to design products for the laser cutter
  • A basic knowledge of how to use the laser cutter
  • A free registration to The Making Rooms user list enabling access on open days free of charge
  • A general sense of wellbeing

Sessions will begin at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00 – registering on Eventbrite will allow you to attend any of these sessions.

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