Fablab covid rules

TheĀ  Making Rooms is committed to re-opening FAB Lab Saturdays in a way that is safe for our staff, tenants, users, and the wider community of Blackburn. We have changed the way we work, the layout of our spaces and implemented procedures to help avoid spreading Covid-19 on site.

If you are coming to join us for FAB Lab Saturdays please do the following before coming.

  • Do a lateral flow test and ensure the result is negative
  • Wear a mask or visor (whatever is more comfortable for you)
  • A maximum of 10 people at a given time will be allowed to come in to ensureĀ  we can all work safely. Therefore this will be based on a first come, first served basis.

Symptoms & isolating

If you or anyone in your household starts to experienced symptoms or has been told to isolate, please do not come to The Making Rooms

The main lab area

We have removed a number of tables and desks to make more room for social distancing and passing points in the lab and workshop areas.


All visitors, staff and tenants are required to wear a mask/visor covering their nose and mouth in communal areas, unless a prior medical exemption has been acknowledged.

Hand washing & sanitising

Everyone who will be on-site is encouraged to wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds. Hand towels have been replaced with disposable paper towels in all kitchens and toilets.

Please also use the hand sanitiser stations located at each entrance when entering the building.

Social distancing

It’s advisable to keep a safe distance where and when possible


When using the stairs, please call out so you can pass each other safely on the three landings.

Surfaces & objects

Disinfectant sprays have been placed in all kitchens and toilets, we would politely ask if everyone can wipe down any surfaces & objects they touch after use.

Jefferson will ask everyone to help with the cleaning at 5:30 pm


Refusal & removal

Staff may refuse entry or eject anyone they believe is not following the above procedures.

For more information or clarification on any of the above, please contact our Director at tom.macpherson-pope@makingrooms.org
Please Click here for our full risk assessment.
Stay safe