The Making Rooms keeps a stock of standard materials for use with the machines and processes. For some of these such as acrylic and plywood for the laser cutter, 3D prints in resin and higher value electronics we charge for the cost of the materials, unless you can find a suitable offcut in the Fab Lab which are free.
Alternatively Fab Lab users can bring their own materials which is advisable if you are using specialist materials, less common colours, high-value components, etc.
The common materials we have for use are:


Other materials

Printing inks – Black, white, cyan, magenta, yellow, green, red, blue
Moulding & casting

Blue machineable wax – for making moulds

OOMOO 25 – Silicon rubber

Vytaflex 30 – Urethane rubber

Smooth-cast 305 – White plastic

Smooth-cast 326 – White plastic

Herculite Stone plaster

Crystacast plaster

FR1 copper circuit board stock – single & double sided, 50x75mm & 100x150mm

Basic electronic components – surface mount, resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc

Sensors – temperature, light, sound, magnetism, touch, movement

Actuators – LEDs, motors, speakers, LCD displays, servos, etc

Integrated circuits – Microcontrollers, Op-amps, radio transmitters/receivers, regulators, etc