Library Signage

Submitted: 2nd January 2018



I used the CNC machine and a laser cutter to make an interesting sign for our library at The Making Rooms.


NB) This tutorial assumes the user has basic knowledge of how to use Inkscape, the laser cutter, V-Carve (the software, not the type of router bit), and the CNC.


Step 1. Design

Draw out your design using Inkscape and split it into seperate files for the seperate sheets of material and the two machines that you’re going to be using.

Tip) Make sure that the outline of the laser cut areas have no sharp corners in them, nothing lower than a 3mm diameter, as this is the dimentions of the smallest (reasonable) CNC milling bit.

Materials Required

  • Clear 3mm acrylic
  • 12mm CNC suitable birch plywood
  • Spray paint in your chosen colours

Equipment and Settings

Small Laser Cutter


etch: Speed 100%, Power 20%
cut: Speed 35%, Power 100%, Frequency 500Hz

Shopbot CNC Router


3mm milling bit - feeds and speeds kept 'as is'
12mm milling bit - feeds and speeds kept 'as is'