Door Signs for The Making Rooms’ Studios

Submitted: 30th August 2017


‘On brand’ door numbers for our offices, studios and meeting rooms on the first and second floors.


Step 1. Drew out design on Inkscape

I drew out what was to become the black hexagons on Inkscape, a free software we use for all our 2D drawing work.

I put them to the top of the page as I only had a long thin piece of material. If I had a full sheet of acrylic I would have arranged them differently to minimise waste. I should have put the exact size of the material as the page size really, but I am confident in my abilities on the laser.

Equipment and Settings

Vinyl Cutter


Cutting force for this, thicker than average, yellow vinyl was 100g, the white only needed 70g.

When I put the rolls of vinyl in I choose "Edge" instead of "Roll" as Roll only measures across the roll, whereas edge measures across the roll too but it also finds the bottom edge of the material, ending up in the best position to set your origin.

Small Laser Cutter


Speed:25, Power:100, Frequency:5000