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The Step Up project launched to raise aspirations and employment options for young people improving their chance of a positive future, beyond COVID-19. In a year of uncertainty, keeping life on track has proved difficult for many of us. But, for young people who already have to deal with the odds stacked against them, it has proved even more difficult. The pandemic, education disrupted, exams canceled, lost jobs careers put on hold, lack of support, poor mental health have all led to a detrimental impact on their futures.

The Step Up project isn’t just about assisting the future economy but gives an opportunity and hope to hundreds of disadvantaged young people across the Borough, offering them a brighter future and opportunities to kick start their career.  The Youth Hub will be delivered by a range of experienced partners, who will nurture, empower and support young people who potentially face multiple barriers to employment, education, and learning and whose talents often go undiscovered.  

We are excited to announce that we will be one of the partners supporting the project alongside Newground, One Voice Blackburn, Child Action Northwest, IMO Charity, Youth Action, and Young People’s Service.

Over the course of 4 weeks, The Making Rooms will train each group of young people on how to design and develop physical products while also teaching them about creating brands that fit the markets they’re selling to.

The program has been developed with the intention to teach young people new skills that they can later use for future work. The delegates will be introduced to a variety of digital software, that will provide them with the foundation for developing products.

The development of the product will commence with an introduction to 3D modeling, sketches, and ideation generation. The following workshops will look at the marketing side of how to make product pictures look appealing to the customer when selling online. Once the delegates have conquered the correspondent coursework, alongside these milestones workshops. They will be introduced to making a static webpage using GitHub, which will help them keep track of the development of their products, as well as acting as a portfolio to show possible employers in the future.

The course has a 50:50 ratio of practical work as well as the theory of the relative topics.
> Product development (Tinker cad & Inkscape)
> Manufacturing (Laser cuter)
> Photography & videography(Youtube & Shotcut)
> Marketing & funding (Kickstarter)

The programme is structured to:

  • First set up the delegates for managing and organising their work.


  • Moving on to give the delegates some foundation skills in design and prototyping to get ideas following and give them a context.

  • Then get them thinking about product development and design in relation to their identified prospective customers.

  • Then show them how to market and deliver their products to those prospective customers.

This programme has been designed to be practical and actionable, requiring the delegates to implement what they learn to create viable products that they will then market, sell, and ship to their customers.

The Youth Hub has already started supporting young people by offering them the opportunity of a skilled ‘Youth Employability Work Coach’. The coaches support young people between 13-24 years old to increase their confidence, improve resilience, build employability skills, and gain useful job-related qualifications. They will also have exclusive access to employment opportunities through a network of business partners.

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For more information about the programme can be found on the link below :

Click here “BwD Step Up – Young Persons’ accelerator


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